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Can Substance Abuse Affect my Social Security Disability claim?

by | Jan 19, 2024 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illness |

Continuing in my research for resources in the area to help Claimants, I am going to provide some substance abuse information this month. Getting off of substances such as alcohol, prescription pills, or illegal drugs by yourself can be a daunting task, if not impossible. Social Security has certain rules for how they evaluate a person’s impairments when drug or alcohol use is involved.

If SSA determines that your drug abuse or alcoholism is material to your disability determination, then you can be denied benefits. There are several factors that go into determining materiality and it is best evaluated by a representative to determine if this could hurt your chances of getting disability benefits.

If you find yourself facing an inability to work, but unable to get off of drugs and/or alcohol, there are multiple resources available to assist you. This is not a comprehensive list, but notably a long list for those in our area.

Alabama Tobacco Quit line -1-800-QUIT- NOW (784-8669)

Alcoholics Anonymous (24 hour helpline) – 251-479-9994

Alta Pointe – 251-450-2211 or 251-666-2569

Bradford Health Services – 251-633-0900

The Bridge program for males ages 12-18 – 888-546-6324

ECD Program (methadone treatment) – 251-341-9504

Home of Grace for Women – 251-456-7807

Insight Treatment Program for youth and juveniles – 251-473-6093

Mission of Hope (for men) – 251-649-0830

Mobile Metro Treatment Center – 251-476-5733

Narcotics Anonymous – 251-639-4156

Relapse Prevention Program – 251-473-1850

Salvation Army programs – 251-438-1625

Serenity Care (for men) – 251-635-1942

The Shoulder – 251-626-2199

Waterfront Rescue Mission – 251-433-1847

Veterans can also reach out to their local VA offices for treatment and assistance. If you or someone you know struggles with substance abuse, please reach out to one of these services for assistance. If you should remain unable to work and need assistance with a disability claim, please call our office at 251-343-1111 for a free consultation on your Social Security Disability claim. Gardberg & Kemmerly specializes in helping the injured and disabled in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana in both Veteran’s and Social Security Disability claims.



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