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Serving Burn Injury Victims In Mobile And Across The Gulf Coast

The attorneys at Gardberg & Kemmerly, P.C. Attorneys at Law, have helped many burn victims seek damages for their pain and suffering. Burn injuries often involve products that are either defective or have inadequate warning labels. Other injuries occur when established regulations are ignored. Our legal team will diligently investigate your claim and fight for your rights.

The Different Types Of Burn Injuries

Like other types of injuries, burn injuries don’t come in the same shape, size or severity. Here are a few that can leave a lasting mark.

  • Electrical burns: Occur when your body comes in contact with a vulnerable source of electricity. Signs of an electrical burn can include swelling, red marks on the skin, muscle contortions or blisters. In especially severe cases, the burn marks can leave white or black spots on the skin.
  • Chemical burns: Occur when your body comes in contact with strong, acidic chemicals, such as toilet bowl cleaner, bleach, chlorinators and batteries. Burns can be internal or external, depending on how these chemicals come in contact with the body.
  • Radiation burns: Can occur after prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. The sun isn’t the only source of ultraviolet light. X-rays, tanning beds and radiation therapy for cancer treatments can all cause these types of burns.
  • Thermal burns: Occur when the body comes in contact with hot liquids, metals, steam or flames. In the most severe cases, thermal burns can cause permanent tissue scaring and a reduced ability to cope with infections.

Burn injuries can take weeks, even months, to recover from. If your burn injury is severe enough, you may need extensive medical treatment and time away from work, which can cost money. We can help you seek the compensation you deserve for your burn injury; our attorneys are here to help.

Burn Injury Claims We’ve Successfully Handled

Those include:

  • Chemical fire resulting from using a torch to dismantle chemical tanks.
  • Explosion of a butane stove or a recreational vehicle.
  • A fire resulted from the defective fuel system installation in a cabin cruiser.
  • Several second-degree burn/hot coffee cases.
  • Burns from apartment building fires.

We know how much pain and suffering a burn injury can cause – and we’re here to help. Call 251-243-7872 to schedule an initial consultation. And if you’re worried about cost – don’t panic. You only pay if we win.

Create A Compelling Burn Injury Claim Today

You don’t have to prove you need compensation for your burn injury alone. Our attorneys can help you create an engaging and compelling case in court. We can help assemble and present the necessary evidence to tell your story.

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