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Helping Victims Of Defective Drugs And Medical Device Malfunctions

Pharmaceutical companies make billions in profits annually selling drugs that the FDA approves with minimal testing. When the FDA made drastic changes to testing requirements in the 1990s, pharmaceutical companies put countless drugs on the market before the serious side effects of these drugs were fully understood. As a result, numerous people suffered serious and permanent injuries; others died.

If you or a loved one were hurt or killed due to the side effects of a drug or defective medical device, call the lawyers at Gardberg & Kemmerly, P.C. Attorneys at Law, at 251-243-7872. You may be eligible to seek compensation. We have helped thousands of defective prescription drug victims recover millions of dollars for their injuries. Contact us to fight for your rights and pursue the payout you deserve.

How Defective Drugs And Medical Devices Can Hurt People

There are multiple ways they can cause painful and permanent harm. Here are a few examples:

  • Adverse side effects from medications: Drugs often have side effects. However, the side effects of defective drugs can be much more severe. In some cases, they can cause mental health problems, memory problems, cancer or blood clots.
  • Sudden injury or death due to equipment malfunction: People rely on medical technology daily. For example, people with pacemakers depend on them to maintain a regular heartbeat. If that pacemaker malfunctioned, it could send someone into cardiac arrest.
  • Exposure to toxic materials: Numerous drugs and medical devices can expose people to toxic chemicals. People can face exposure to toxic chemicals in their medications due to manufacturer errors. People can also face exposure to toxic chemicals from medical devices if companies and regulators discover them to be toxic. Toxic exposure can cause numerous health problems like cancer, breathing problems and organ damage.

How much these drugs and products can affect you depends on your exposure level. We can help you determine the level of exposure and the type of legal action it warrants.

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