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Long-Term Disability Care For Sunshine State Veterans

Your service for protecting our country is upstanding. For your time and dedication serving in the U.S. Military, you should be able to seek veterans disability benefits when you need them to support you and your family. However, the path to obtaining them can come with challenges and setbacks.

You don’t have to go through the difficulties of the process by yourself. Let our lawyers at Gardberg & Kemmerly, P.C. Attorneys at Law, help you out.

Want to know which VA benefits you may be entitled to? Visit our veterans disability benefits page to discover what is available. We can help you determine if you qualify for the benefits programs listed.

Reasons Your Florida Veterans Disability Benefits Claim Got Denied

After going through the challenging work of completing and submitting your veterans disability benefits application, the last thing you want to see is that it’s been denied. Here are a few reasons why that may have happened:

  • Lack of evidence: For the VA to accept your disability claim, you must provide evidence demonstrating why you need it. Proving you have a disability isn’t always enough. In most cases, the evidence must show that your disability directly stems from your military service.
  • Incorrect/inaccurate completing of forms: All your forms must be complete and accurate. Filling them out can be complicated and time-consuming. In many cases, this can cause people to make mistakes.
  • Missed filing deadlines: When you begin your veterans disability benefits application, you only have some time to complete it. VA disability claims are known to have strict and nonnegotiable deadlines. Typically, that deadline is one year after your military service is over.

Don’t beat yourself up over these mistakes. Completing the application can be challenging. If you face rejection, you can appeal it with the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. We can help you navigate the appeals process in Florida to increase your chances at obtaining the benefits you deserve.

What Does It Mean If The VA Reduces Your Rating?

If you currently receive benefits, you may get a letter from the VA about reducing your disability rating, meaning they want to reduce your payment by the following month. They may do this for several reasons. For example, the VA may have seen improvements in your condition after reviewing a recent medical report or seeing other indications that your condition is improving.

If you believe that the VA’s assessment of these matters is inaccurate, you can appeal their decision with help from an attorney. Learn more about how we can assist you with the appeals process by calling 251-243-7872.

Legal Support For Veterans In Escambia County And Bay County

You’ve made immense sacrifices for our country. And for that, you deserve the ability to pursue the benefits you need. We’re proud to serve Florida veterans in Bay and Escambia counties and provide them with the trusted counsel and guidance when seeking the care they need.

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