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How workers’ compensation protects injured Alabama employees

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

There are many professionals working in high-risk careers across Alabama. From semi-truck drivers and forestry professionals to hospital workers, employees in a variety of different careers have a risk of suffering an injury at work. For example, even those in seemingly-safe professions can get hurt due to a slip-and-fall.

Some people experience incidents that result in major injuries, including equipment failures and acts of violence. Others may slowly develop repetitive stress or illness caused by chemical exposure. Someone who gets hurt on the job in Alabama may require medical care and a leave of absence. They may go weeks without earning their usual wages until their condition improves.

Workers’ compensation benefits are a crucial protection for those hurt on the job in Alabama. How does workers’ compensation help protect those hurt while on the clock?

Workers receive health benefits

The most common benefit people require after a work injury is the medical coverage provided through workers’ compensation. Unlike health insurance, the medical benefits available through workers’ compensation do not force an employee to pay for their care with their own resources. There is no copay, deductible or coinsurance to reduce what workers’ compensation health coverage will pay. Whether someone simply needs stitches or requires surgery, the benefits available through workers’ compensation help ensure they don’t have to cover those costs with their own resources.

Workers can receive disability pay as well

Although it is less common, employees hurt on the job are also sometimes eligible for disability benefits. Workers’ compensation can provide injured Alabama employees with up to two-thirds of their average weekly wage while they remain unable to work due to a job-acquired health condition. There are both partial disability benefits that apply when workers must accept lower-paying work and total disability benefits when they cannot work whatsoever. There are both short-term and permanent disability benefits available for those injured or sickened by their employment in Alabama.

Workers will need to report the incident where they got hurt to their employer and then pursue a benefits claim in a timely manner. Sometimes, they may need help negotiating with employers or insurance providers, so seeking legal guidance when filing a claim is generally wise.



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