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Department of Veterans Affairs to Miss 2022 Legacy Appeals Deadline

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Firm News |

The Department of Veterans Affairs will no longer meet its goal of resolving all Legacy Docket appeals by 2022. VA officials told congress this week that the pandemic has slowed their progress to the extent that the goal of resolving all Legacy appeals would no longer be met. The original goal of resolving all Legacy appeals by 2022 was set in 2017 when Congress and VA modernized the appeals process to allow Veterans more choices in their appeal processes.

VA has made significant progress in the Legacy Docket since November of 2017 cutting down the number of claims from 472,000 to less than 135,000 claims today. However, the pandemic has caused both the Veterans Benefits Administration and the Board of Veterans Appeals to slow their processes as their ability to collect data and evidence to review appeals was hindered. Of the 135,000 or so claims pending in the Legacy Docket, BVA Director Sheryl Mason advised that currently 102,000 of those claims are under the jurisdiction of the Board at this time. VA now aims to resolve the Legacy backlog sometime in 2023.

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