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CSVR: Helping Veteran’s with Vision Loss

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2021 | Firm News |

Community Services for Vision Rehabilitation (CSVR) is a non-profit medical clinic providing assistance to those with low vision and blindness, with or without medical insurance or other coverage, by providing comprehensive, multidisciplinary evaluations to all patients and making available resources, training, aids, and devices to all who will benefit. Following the initial evaluation, the CSVR will determine whether additional tests or consultations are required, as well as provide access to occupational therapists, who have a master’s degree and must pass a rigorous licensing examination, who help those suffering from vision loss adapt to day-to-day living. The CSVR, through the Adaptive Device Program, can also loan adaptive devices to qualifying individuals who cannot purchase them due to economic circumstances.

When assisting Veterans, the CSVR will work with the VA’s Visual Impairment Services Team (VIST) coordinators to help Veteran’s obtain additional assistance. The VIST is a VA program that works with severely impaired Veteran’s by providing or arranging treatment with the VA or low vision clinics, as well as providing counseling, outreach programs, benefit review, and other services. More information on CSVR can be found at, or via phone at one of their three locations, Mobile, which can be reached at 251-476-4744, Daphne at 251-928-2888 and Foley, 251-721-1160. For information on the VA’s Vision Impaired Service Team, local VIST coordinators can be reached 228-385-6762 for Mobile/West Baldwin County or 850-912-2552 for East Baldwin County.

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