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What Injuries Could Qualify For Disability?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2020 | Firm News |

Despite the decline in traffic congestion over the past year, catastrophic and fatal accidents have increased. Several factors contribute to these new numbers. Speed is a lead factor in the severity of accidents. With fewer cars on the road, some motorists have become emboldened to drive at high speeds. The lack of adequate police presence has influenced some drivers to engage in reckless driving behaviors.

Understanding the need for long-term care

Even seemingly minor accidents could present injuries that require long-term rehabilitation needs. A neck or brain injury may not show immediate symptoms. The signs of severe damage could take days or weeks to present themselves. The potential for physical and cognitive damage with these injuries can reduce a person’s ability to continue in certain lines of work and can present numerous professional difficulties. When it comes to the cost of rehabilitation, medical care and lost wages, you need to understand how disability benefits work in Alabama:

Medical Requirements: Fractures are one of the injuries that could be covered under a disability application. These bone breaks could be simpler to immobilize and repair, while others may require surgery and ongoing treatment. A crash could cause a new back injury or worsen an old one. Back injuries are amongst the most common chronic injuries that could seriously limit a person’s capabilities for work. 

Emotional trauma: Everyone reacts to an accident differently. Sometimes a relatively minor injury can cause substantial emotional scars, a trauma that may take ongoing treatment. Anxiety disorders and post traumatic stress disorder from an accident can have lasting consequences for the injured. 

Considering disability benefits

After the disability benefits application, the Social Security Administration will conduct a residual functional capacity (RFC) assessment. This assessment determines the kinds of work that a person can perform under their current injuries with projections for future partial recovery. Jobs that require complex planning and analysis may create a challenge for those motorists suffering from cognitive or emotional damage. Whatever the circumstances of a collision, you need to pursue all of your compensation options, including social security disability benefits. 



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