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New rule may mean more frequent reviews for disability recipients

Many of our readers in Alabama know just how hard it is to get approved for Social Security disability benefits. The application process can be arduous and can take quite a bit of time to get through, especially if an appeal is necessary. SSD benefits are a financial lifeline for those who are unable to work any longer due to a physical or mental disability.

Keep up the fight if an application for SSD benefits is denied

Many of our readers in Alabama may have heard what is probably considered to be the most negative aspect about Social Security disability benefits -- that initial applications for these benefits are oftentimes denied. For some people who are dealing with a disability, this might be enough to make them reconsider whether it is even worth trying to apply for SSD benefits at all. For those who have already seen their initial application denied, they may be downtrodden enough to feel like they should just give up the fight.

Disability benefits for the blind include special rules

When an illness or injury leaves someone struggling with normal activities, chances are it may also prevent that person from working to earn a living. This can be a devastating blow to someone who may already be dealing with the added expenses of medical treatments, therapies or special equipment to manage a disabling condition. Fortunately, the disability benefits available through the Social Security Administration can make a difference in the lives of those who qualify.

What can you do if cancer leads to a disability?

Millions of Americans fight cancer every year. In the best-case scenarios, those who suffer from some form of this illness are able to overcome it with treatment and go on to live full lives. However, the devastating effects of cancer can be more than some are able to overcome easily. For some, cancer can fundamentally alter their lives, becoming a disability.

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