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Suicide prevention plan may help veterans with various issues

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Veterans' Issues |

Our country rightly devotes quite a bit of resources to military veterans. In the last couple of decades, many veterans’ issues that were not previously in the spotlight have been pushed to the forefront, including the rate of suicides by veterans. It is heartbreaking to think of our nation’s military veterans feeling so hopeless that they believe suicide is the only option. Fortunately, some bipartisan support for legislation may devote even more resources to this sensitive area.

According to a recent report, a proposed law known as the “Improve Well-Being for Veterans Act” is receiving support from both Republicans and Democrats in Congress. The hope is that this act can be passed into law relatively soon, so that military veterans who are at risk of suicide can be reached – and helped – by the Veterans’ Administration.

The recent report notes that the new law would shepherd resources toward connecting the VA with local community organizations and non-profit agencies that also help military veterans with a variety of issues, including suicide prevention. It is hoped that the improved partnerships can allow the VA to learn the stories of those veterans who are facing the most difficult situations to discern how government resources can be used to lift those veterans from their desperate situations.

Our nation’s military veterans face many different issues, from mental health problems to poverty to legal concerns. Perhaps this newly proposed law will help. Military veterans in Alabama who have these types of issues should take the time to learn about their options to receive benefits.



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