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Long-term medical care necessary for many Mobile veterans

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Veterans' Issues |

An injury or medical condition can make it really difficult to obtain or keep a job. This is because the majority of jobs require some level of physical or mental stability in order to obtain or keep that job. For many military veterans, one of these health components was sacrificed in service to our country. For military members who have moved on from active duty and are returning to the workforce with an injury or health condition, finding steady work may be a challenge.

While it shouldn’t be this way, unfortunately, an injury or illness can make it near impossible for an injured veteran to return to the work force. Veterans are given access to care and other benefits due to military service, but it doesn’t always help by means of obtaining work outside of the military and returning to the work force. Income support can help to fill in the gaps when an injured veteran can’t work. Social Security disability may be the program to help a veteran and their family fill in the income gap.

SSD Social Security Disability can only be sought after a long term injury of one year or more. This program isn’t exclusively for veterans, but they aren’t excluded either. While a veteran’s medical care may be covered due to their military service, a guaranteed reentry into the civilian job market is not. This program is only available to those unable to work due to long-term injury or illness.

Most veterans would tell you they wish they could have escaped military service unharmed. Some are lucky enough to move on with their lives and contribute to the workforce, and others are not afforded that luxury after suffering veterans’ issues like injury or illness due to their time in the military. The ultimate sacrifice for our county is followed only second by the ability of a person to have health and wellness due to their time spent in the military. Veterans deserve our utmost care and respect.



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