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SSI recipients could receive further financial support, discounts

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Ssi Supplemental Security Income |

Thinking about a person’s or family’s financial responsibilities and ability to meet them, it can give people anxiety. This anxiety can be heightened if a person has financial obligations (and who doesn’t?) and is unable to work or to procure an income source for themselves. Some people are born with a disability that puts them at a disadvantage in the workforce. Others are over the age of 65 or have suffered a lifelong injury or illness that could make them candidates for SSI Supplemental Security Income.

One must seek out SSI benefits if they would like to benefit themselves or their family member from the financial support. Applying would be the first step, and the application process will require paperwork, medical records and potentially other factors that prove the status of one’s health and abilities. There may be an in-person interview or other component prior to hearing the decision of whether a person has been approved or denied SSI Supplemental Security Income. At the end of the process, a decision will be made that could impact a person’s life forever.

But, beyond SSI Supplemental Security Income, did you know that there are other benefits that could be awarded based on SSI? Since SSI deems a person to be of a disabled status, it may qualify a person for certain programs, aimed at helping those who receive SSI Supplemental Security Income. For example, Alabama Power has a program aimed at easing the financial burden of power on SSI families. The program includes a discount of $14.50 toward the customer charge and exemption from paying certain state utility license tax fees.

This isn’t the only program aimed at helping SSI recipients and their families. Many SSI recipients consist of the elderly, or kids who were born with lifelong conditions. Many in the Mobile community want to help these families. If you are an SSI recipient, check out what other benefits or discounts may be available to you and your family.

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