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Did you know that children can receive SSI benefits?

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Ssi Supplemental Security Income |

As a parent, there is nothing one wouldn’t do for their child. Most parents would move all the stars in the heavens if they could for their child. If you are a parent of a child with disabilities, you know how challenging their daily routine can be. This is why approved disability claims can be so beneficial for your disabled child.

One of the aspects taken into consideration is the child’s access to a family’s income. This could include all family members living in the house and applies to children living in the house but who may leave for a period of time, but are still under some level of parental control. If parents or other individuals in a child’s household make above the allowed threshold for income, the SSI Supplemental Security Income will be denied, even if they are need based.

Determining if a child’s disability qualifies them for SSI benefits isn’t always cut and dry. There is documentation that will be requested including but not limited to medical records, doctor’s notes and a child’s general history. Having to watch your child be at a disadvantage due to his or her disability is hard enough. Financial strains can be eased with a judgement in favor of SSI Supplemental Security Income.

It’s the small victories that keep parents of disabled kids going every day. They may not have the same milestones at the same time as other children that aren’t diagnosed with disabilities. This is why SSI Supplemental Security income is made available to them. It’s to help compensate for the other challenges they will face in their lifetime.

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