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Social Security disability benefits issues affect many veterans

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Veterans' Issues |

Military veterans are some of the most honored and self-sacrificing members of our society. While we are happy to support and encourage our veterans, there are many that do not make it home while in service to our country. Beyond that, many who do make it home, are forever impacted due to their physical, mental or emotional limitations after their active service has ended. While veterans do often receive some sort of military related benefits, there can be additional hardship for veterans suffering from a physical or mental affliction.

These issues can make it hard for veterans to gain or keep a job which makes it near impossible to secure a steady stream of income for oneself. Therefore, many veterans are also candidates to receive Social Security disability benefits. Whether for injury or illness the outcome is usually the same. However, sometimes veterans are wrongfully denied access to these benefits. The reasoning behind this decision can vary, but it can be an issue as small as a paperwork error or maybe a failure to meet a certain deadline.

Beyond the military members themselves, the military member’s family members could also have a legitimate claim to benefits. It could be a claim to survivor benefits, like when their loved one passed away in-service, or it could be a claim related to the benefits military members and their families are entitled to during or after a person’s military service. There could be several benefits one might be interested in seeking, especially when a service-related illness or injury has made it tough for a military member and their family to make ends meet.

At Gardberg & Kimmerly PC Attorneys at Law, we understand how difficult an injury or illness can be surrounding veterans issues, and how it weighs on the injured and their family. We want to help these individuals and their families seek and obtain the benefits to which they are entitled. It can make a world of difference and has helped thousands get their finances into a better place. Military-related benefits and otherwise, there are options out there for Alabama veterans and their families.



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