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Which state has more disability recipients per capita than AL?

by | Aug 25, 2017 | Social Security Disability |

Being named the recipient of disability benefits isn’t something to take lightly. Generally, there is a process associated with being awarded disability benefits. This is because a person needs to prove that they themselves or one of their dependents are in need of disability due to a hardship, medical condition or other scenario that qualifies said person for Social Security disability. Since SSD is a federal program the data is trackable and comparable from state-to-state.

Because of this, the Wall Street Journal was able to quantify data tracked by the SSA and analyze it. It showed that only one state in the entire union had a higher percentage of recipients of Social Security disability than did the state of Alabama. What this tells us is that a high percentage of Alabama residents are affected by Social Security disability and this matters as it has the ability to positively or negatively affect their lives. The only other state that has a higher rate of Social Security disability is West Virginia. They also have the lowest labor force participation rate.

There are those out there who could potentially be qualified for SSD benefits and not even know it. It is one’s responsibility to seek out the benefits they or a loved one deserves. The government is not going to just hand you financial support, it must be sought and one must meet the qualifications. There are several ways that one could qualify for SSD benefits and each person’s case is unique.

The total amount of monthly disability benefits received in Alabama was $293.5 million. This means that each month, all of the recipients qualified and approved to receive SSD benefits receive a chunk of that $293.5 million. That number could easily fluctuate if more potential recipients come forward. Approval for benefits is based on need and several other factors.

Source:, “Only 1 state has more disability recipients than Alabama,” August 3, 2017



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