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Expediting VA Claims Based on Financial Hardship

by | May 9, 2016 | Veterans Disability Benefits |

Expediting VA Claims Based on Financial Hardship

There are a number of ways and reasons a Veteran who has filed a claim for disability benefits may request for his or her claim to be expedited. One of the most common reasons cited by Veterans who request for their appeals be expedited is extreme financial hardship. However, the VA requires several steps be taken before a Veteran can claim extreme financial hardship.

A Veteran must submit documentation to support his or her claim of extreme financial hardship. Supporting documentation includes, but is not limited to:

•1. An eviction notice or statement of foreclosure;

•2. Past due utilities notices; and/or

•3. Collection notices from creditors.

A Veteran who states that he or she is experiencing extreme financial hardship and submits documentation to support the assertion will be accepted by the VA as factual.

The VA will not accept requests to expedite claims that do not include supporting documentation. Additionally, a Veteran seeking to have their appeal expedited due to financial hardship should also submit VA Form 5655, Financial Status Report which details the Veteran’s financial standing so as to determine whether the claim should be expedited.

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