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Are VA Disability Benefits Subject to Garnishment?

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Veterans Disability Benefits |

VA disability benefits can be subject to garnishment in certain situations. A garnishment is a legal procedure, authorized by a court order, by which a creditor can collect what a debtor owes by reaching the debtor’s property when the debtor does not possess the property. Essentially, a garnishment allows a creditor to reach a debtor’s property by way of a third party before it reaches the debtor.

There is no statutory prohibition against garnishment of military retired pay when the Veteran is in receipt of compensation. Under Public Law 95-30, a Veteran’s disability compensation may be garnished in order to pay alimony or child support pursuant to a court order only if the Veteran receives disability compensation in lieu of an equal amount of military retired pay, in accordance with a total or partial military retired pay waiver. In these cases disability compensation can be withheld to satisfy the debt pursuant to the court order.

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