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VA Special Monthly Compensation

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Veterans Disability Benefits |

VA Special Monthly Compensation

Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) is an additional tax-free benefit that can be paid to Veterans, their spouses, surviving spouses, and parents. The VA SMC program provides veterans with benefits in addition to, or instead of, his or her disability compensation in certain circumstances. Veterans who have loss (or loss of use of) a limb, sight, speech, hearing, mobility, sexual organ or functioning, or certain other disabilities may qualify for SMC. Veterans may also be eligible for SMC if he or she is unable to leave their house or bed without help, or is in need of regular help from another person to perform activities of daily living. Unlike disability compensation, SMC compensates Veteran for non-economic losses, such as personal inconvenience and loss of use of a body part, or body system.

There are about 60 levels of SMC divided into 9 letter categories: K, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, and T. If you get SMC, the VA will tell you which of the categories of SMC you qualify for. Some of the letter categories also have in-between levels, which are shown by a “½” symbol after the letter. To determine how your VA benefits may change based on SMC, you can view the SMC Rating Tables.

If you are a veteran who needs help navigating the VA disability appeals process, and the process for applying and receiving Special Monthly Compensation, in particular, call one of the experienced veteran’s disability attorneys at Gardberg & Kemmerly, P.C. today at 251-343-1111 for a free case evaluation. Gardberg & Kemmerly, P.C. serves veterans and their families throughout the Gulf Coast, including Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi.



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