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VA Extends Agent Orange Exposure Benefits to Veterans Who Flew Or Worked On Fairchild C-123 Aircraft

by | Jun 22, 2015 | Veterans Disability Benefits |


The U.S. government announced last week that it would extend disability benefits to as many as 2,100 Air Force reservists who were exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War and the years afterward.

The Associated Press reported that a new federal rule, which went into effect June 19, 2015, covers an expanded group of military personnel who flew or worked on Fairchild C-123 aircraft in the U.S. and at overseas bases from 1969 to 1986, and who were believed to have been exposed to Agent Orange residue.

The VA provided the following list of dates and locations of eligible Air Force personnel who could have been exposed to Agent Orange:

  • Active-duty units, Hurlburt Auxiliary Field, Eglin AFB, Florida, 1970-1973
  • Reserve units, Pittsburgh International Airport, Pennsylvania, USAF Reserve Station, 1972-1982
  • Reserve units, Westover Air Force Base, Massachusetts, and Hanscom Field AFB, Massachusetts, 1972-1982
  • Reserve units, Lockbourne/Rickenbacker AFB, Ohio, 1969-1986
  • Active-duty units, Langley AFB, Virginia, 1962-1963, 1970-1973
  • Active-duty units, Luke AFB, Arizona, 1970-1973
  • Active-duty units, Tainan Air Field, Taiwan, 1969-1970
  • Active-duty units, Howard AFB, Panama, 1970-1973
  • Active-duty units, Osan Air Base, South Korea, 1970-1973
  • Active-duty units, Clark AFB, Philippines, 1969-1970

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