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When a veteran receives a rating decision from the VA, one document that should be included, but is often omitted, is a rating code sheet. A rating code sheet provides information on a number of important matters. In particular, a code sheet usually includes the following:

· The name of the attorney or representative on file with the VA, if any

· The VA file number

· The date of military service on file with the VA

· The diagnostic code used to assign the disability rating for each service connected condition

· What claimed conditions are service connected and what claimed conditions were denied service connection. The rating code sheet will list the name of every medical condition that is service connected.

· A list of the disability rating percentage for each service connected condition

· Information about the effective date of both past and current individual and combined ratings

· A list of all conditions which a veteran may be receiving non-service connected pension and the associated rating for each of those conditions

· Any entitlements to special monthly compensation or use of the bilateral factor

· A list of prior claims that were denied

· Whether a future re-examination will be required

The rating code sheet is essentially a blueprint of each veteran’s claim and payment history with the VA. If your VA rating decision does not include a rating code sheet, you may request a copy of the code sheet by personally going to your assigned regional office to request a copy. You may also request a copy in writing under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. § 552(a)).

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