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Your Dependents May Be Eligible to Receive Benefits if You Are on Disability

by | Mar 16, 2015 | Social Security Disability |

Your Dependents May Be Eligible to Receive Benefits if You Are on Disability


A lot of people do not know about important benefits that are available to the dependents of a disabled worker.  That means that if you are disabled and received Disability Insurance Benefits, your children and spouse may be eligible to receive a payment.  Here are the requirements for each category:


If you are the spouse of a disabled worker, you may be entitled to receive additional benefits if one the following circumstances are met:

(1)  You are 62 or older, or

     (2) You are caring for a child who is under 16 years old (or disabled) and is eligible for SSDI dependents’ benefits


If you are an ex-spouse of a disabled worker, you may be entitled to receive benefits if you were married for 10 years or longer and all the following requirements are met:

(1)  You are not married; if you were remarried and that marriage later ended, you still qualify under this requirement.

(2)   You are 62 or older

(3)   Your ex-spouse is eligible for SSDI benefits, and

(4)   The benefit that you are entitled to receive based on your work history is less than the dependent benefit.


Children of parents who are entitled to SSDI may receive benefits if he or she is:

(1)   Unmarried, and

(2)  Younger than 18, OR younger than 19 and enrolled full-time in secondary school

In more rare circumstances, adult children, grandchildren, and dependent parents may also receive benefits.  The amount available to these dependents depends on how much you have paid into the Social Security system.  Any benefits paid to a dependent will not affect how much you receive. 

If you have questions about benefits your dependents may be entitled to please call us and talk with one of our experienced Social Security disability attorneys at 251-343-1111 today.




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