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Social Security Benefits available to Minor Dependent Children

by | Jan 23, 2015 | Social Security Disability |

Social Security Benefits available to Minor Dependent Children

Under the Social Security Act, monthly benefits can be paid to children of insured workers who have either died, become disabled, or retired. To be eligible, a child must be the biological or adopted child of an insured worker. However, for adopted children to receive benefits, the adoption must have occurred before the worker became entitled to benefits. Dependent stepchildren or grandchildren may also be eligible for benefits if the child meets Social Security’s requirements for proof that she or he was dependent on the worker at the time the worker became disabled. Also, to be eligible, the child must be a financial dependent of the parent (or grandparent).

If a child is given monthly benefits, the child can receive these benefits until turning 18. If the child is a full-time secondary school student, he or she can receive benefits until turning 19. However, if a child married before turning 18, the benefits will stop. Similarly, a minor dependent child whose parent died while receiving Social Security disability benefits is eligible for a survivor benefit. A minor dependent can receive benefits based on the record of a disabled parent whether or not the child is disabled. Children who became disabled prior to the age of 22 are eligible to continue to draw Social Security disability benefits based on their parent’s earning record.

You can file for benefits for your child at the same time that you file for disability benefits for yourself, or you can do so separately. Child benefits are additional to the payments disabled or retired workers receive for themselves.

To learn more about Social Security disability benefits that may be available to you and your children contact an experienced Social Security disability attorney at Gardberg & Kemmerly, P.C. at 251-343-1111. Gardberg & Kemmerly, P.C. represents Social Security disability claimants in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana at all levels of the disability process from initial application to appeals to Federal Court.



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