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VA to Hire at Maximum Capacity

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Veterans Disability Benefits |

We previously told you about the staffing shortages that the VA has seen this year in our blog from November 18, 2022. You can access that blog here.

Since that time, the VA has announced that it has begun to hire new staffing to help process the massive number of claims that are the result of the PACT Act passage on August 10, 2022.  At this point, the chief financial officer of the VA has stated that the VA is “hiring to our maximum capacity” to include several thousand more full-time hires.

The VA is looking at an enormous number of claims related to the PACT Act.  Charles Tapp, the CFO of the VA, stated that there are millions of eligible veterans who are going to file claims and the VA is encouraging those claims.  “We’re looking at the volume of claims we’re anticipating and then aligning the size of our workforce accordingly. We’re grateful that Congress has been very accommodating in terms of getting us the resources to successfully process these claims,” Tapp said.  Anyone interested can look into a career at the VA at this link.

Gardberg and Kemmerly is open for calls and online assistance and will continue to help our Veterans in any way possible.  If you have a claim for disability, especially a new claim under the PACT Act, and need assistance, please call our office and speak with one of our qualified Veterans’ Disability attorneys. Gardberg and Kemmerly is committed to helping injured and disabled Veterans obtain the benefits they deserve.  If you need help with a disability claim, call the office at 251-343-1111 or 800-332-1529 for a free consultation. Gardberg and Kemmerly is proud to serve Veterans across the country from our home office in Mobile, Alabama.



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