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Wartime Service Can Entitle You to Benefits through the Veterans Pension Program

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2022 | Veterans Disability Benefits |

If you have served during wartime, you may be entitled to the Veterans Pension Program. This program allows Veterans who have an honorable discharge, meet age or disability requirements, and who have limited income and net worth to receive monthly payments.

In order to qualify for the Veterans Pension Program, you must be over 65 or totally and permanently disabled, which means that you have a non-service connected injury or illness that prevents you from working. You must also have served for 90 days on active duty, including at least 1 day during wartime. Monthly pension payments are calculated by taking the maximum annual benefit and subtracting your household’s accountable income. This includes money earned from employment, bonuses, and commissions; however, educational expenses and unreimbursed medical expenses are subtracted.

In certain instances, if you are eligible for the Veteran’s Pension Program and require assistance with daily activities or are housebound, you may qualify for Aid and Attendance benefits or Housebound allowance. As long as you require assistance with daily activities, have to stay in bed due to illness, are a patient in a nursing home due to a disability, or have extremely limited eyesight, you may qualify for Aid and Attendance benefits. You may qualify for Housebound benefits if you have a disability that requires that you spend most of your time at home because of a permanent disability.

If you have applied for the Veterans Pension Program or Aid and Attendance or Housebound benefits and have been denied, please call our office and speak with one of our qualified Veterans’ Disability attorneys. Gardberg and Kemmerly is committed to helping injured and disabled Veterans obtain the benefits they deserve.  If you need help with a disability claim, call our office at 251-343-1111 or 800-332-1529 for a free consultation. Gardberg and Kemmerly is proud to serve Veterans across the country from our home office in Mobile, Alabama. We would love an opportunity to discuss your claim.



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