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Tips for Your Testimony at Board of Veterans’ Appeals Hearings

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | Veterans Disability Benefits |

Whether in the Legacy system or under the Appeals Modernization Act, many claims for VA disability compensation end up at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals.  In many cases, Veterans ask for the opportunity to testify before a Veterans Law Judge.  While content can be different depending on the type of case, there are some important things to remember when preparing testimony for a Board hearing.

In-Service Event:  In a claim for service connection, it’s important to be prepared to talk about what happened in service or while on active duty that caused your current disability.  Examples:  Did you have a traumatic accident or injury to the claimed body part?  What event was the stressor for your PTSD?  What kind of symptoms were you having on active duty?  Did you visit sick call for the injury?

Nexus:  For service connection, you must show a bridge between an in-service event and your current disability.  Examples:  Has any doctor told you the things are linked?  Did you seek treatment when you separated from service?  Do you remember which doctor treated you?

Current disability:  The third element for service connection is a current diagnosis.  Examples:  Do you remember who diagnosed your impairment?  Are you getting current treatment?  Are you taking medication?  Does your condition flare up from time to time?

An experienced VA disability attorney can help prepare you for and lead you through your Board hearing.  At Gardberg & Kemmerly, our attorneys have years-long experience handling Board appeals and hearings.  If you need help with a disability claim, call the office at 251-343-1111 or 800-332-1529 for a free consultation. Gardberg and Kemmerly is proud to serve Veterans across the Gulf Coast and the country from our home office in Mobile, Alabama.



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