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Your “My Social Security” Account and Why You Should Create One Today

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Social Security Disability |

If you have not visited Social Security’s website to set up your “My Social Security” account then now is a great time to explore your benefit options. Setting up your account is fairly simple and takes less than 5 minutes. There is a dual-factor authentication requirement to access your benefit information. Your account with Social Security can be extremely helpful in planning for retirement or to see what benefits are available should you become disabled.

SSA will give you the option to choose to receive the passcode via text message or email. Having an email address is required to set up a “My Social Security” account, so each user should have access to an email address. This security passcode is required EACH time you log in to your account, not just at registration.

To know more about how “My Social Security” account works, I logged in and created my own account a few years back and it really was a straightforward process. When first setting up your account you have to answer some questions from your credit bureau report. You have multiple choice answers to choose from, and it is about a 6 question process ranging from what the last vehicle was you financed to alternate phone numbers you have used.

There is an additional option for adding enhanced security which includes providing 8 digits from a credit card or answering information from your W2 or your most recent tax filing form (i.e., 1040, etc.). Unless you are interested in an extra step of security, you can choose the option “No, maybe later.” If you decide to add extra security, be sure and have this information handy or have superb memory.

Once in your “My Social Security,” there are many things to review regarding your benefits. You can review your estimated benefit amount at and before retirement age, your benefit amount should you become disabled, and how much your family may be eligible to receive should you become disabled or if they have to file for survivor benefits. You can file an application for disability, review your earnings record, replace a lost or stolen Social Security card, and download your statements. If you are receiving Social Security benefits you should be able to review your current payment and benefit amounts and change any payment information. This can be especially helpful in changing your address and updating payment information as the call times for contacting Social Security have increased during the pandemic. This is also helpful  as the Social Security offices remain closed to the public due to COVID-19.

Keeping up with changes in Social Security is a part of our business. Let us help you. If you have filed for Social Security disability benefits, please call one of the experienced disability representatives at Gardberg & Kemmerly, P.C. today at 251-343-1111 for a free consultation. Gardberg & Kemmerly specialize in helping the injured and disabled.



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