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The View from a Military Spouse

by | Aug 21, 2020 | Veterans Disability Benefits, Veterans' Issues |

This blog was written by Jan Lipske, VA legal assistant at Gardberg and Kemmerly:

My name is Jan and I am a proud spouse of a military veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard. Recently I went to renew my ID card at ATC Mobile. As a military spouse, I have learned over the years that there is a lot of waiting involved with the military. Anyone who knows me, knows that I never meet a stranger.

While waiting my turn to obtain my ID, I talked with an elderly couple in front of me. The Veteran had served in Vietnam and Korea. He had successfully filed a claim with the VA for disabilities caused by exposure to Agent Orange. This gentleman’s only complaints were about his medical care through the VA. His doctor had left the VA and he was unable to get another regular doctor for over two years. This had also happened to my husband and it is very frustrating. We vented to one another. Thankfully the Veteran was able to obtain his VA disability without a lot of red tape. Another Veteran overheard our conversation and joined in. It is my experience, fighting a disability claim requires persistence and years of fighting over every detail. If you feel strongly about your claim, which usually is fighting for and establishing service connection or the date of onset, do not give up. It is your life and your fight.

I know I help Veterans through my work at Gardberg & Kemmerly. I am honored to do it. As a spouse of a retired military Veteran, I understand the frustration when I hear the stories from Veterans. My personal experience with my husband and our life has given me insight to what many Veterans are experiencing. In addition, I have over eighteen years of familiarity working on Social Security Disability claims. The long government appeal forms do not bother me at all. I am really good at completing and filing them.

Feel free to call if you are applying for disability, have been denied benefits or are filing for a rating increase. I would love the opportunity to assist you. Consultations are free and there is no charge unless you win your case. You do not have to fight this alone. You can reach us at 251-343-1111 or 800-332-1529.  Gardberg and Kemmerly is proud to serve Veterans across the country from our home office in Mobile, Alabama.



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