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Yoga for injured veterans and first responders comes to Alabama

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Veterans' Issues |

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is often an unwelcome companion to physical traumatic injury when soldiers, sailors or Marines are wounded or otherwise hurt. Although the Veterans’ Administration (VA) does its best to address both the physical and psychological needs of former service members, it may require some more effort to get over the hump.

The Alabama chapter of an organization that leads first responders and military veterans through healing yoga has been seeing early results with its practice. Several people in the Heart of Dixie have been pursuing healing of the body and mind with the restorative practice that originates with Indian philosophical traditions.

Literature distributed by the VA has cited yoga as a possible relief exercise after back surgery and other major issues. The classes also have a social component that brings people with similar challenges together, but participants can also bring their lessons home.

“The classes are geared toward our capabilities,” said a former Alabama State Trooper and Marine taking advantage of the classes. “There are a couple of us old guys and then there are the younger ones … and that challenges me as an older guy to keep up with the younger boys and girls. So there is a benefit to that.”

Veterans with serious health issues or complications related to their service always have the right to seek the treatment they need and possibly the financial damages that would help pay for it. An attorney can review individual cases and advise on the best way to seek the help that would alleviate suffering and bring people back to their lives.



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