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Spinal cord injuries can lead to a disability

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries |

There are all kinds of injuries that can cause Alabama residents to become disabled and unable to work to earn an income. However, typically only the most serious of injuries will qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Spinal cord injuries can be devastating and may qualify an Alabama resident to receive SSD benefits.

Any type of damage to the spinal cord can impact a person’s ability to control other parts of the body. Paralysis is a medical term that many of our readers are likely familiar with, and this can occur when the spinal cord is injured. One of the biggest problems with spinal cord injuries is that they are usually unique injuries, and medical treatment and surgery may not effective. A spinal cord injury is usually life-long.

In many cases, the higher on the spinal cord the injury, the more significant the impact to the rest of a person’s body. For example, an injury high up on the spinal cord may lead to tetraplegia, which means that almost everything on a person’s body from the neck down is impacted significantly from the injury. Injuries lower on the spinal cord may lead to paraplegia, meaning that the lower half of the person’s body is impacted by the injury, but the person still has use of their arms.

Needless to say, spinal cord injuries can leave Alabama residents with significant limitations in mobility and those who suffer from these injuries may not be able to work. Anyone who has suffered such an injury may need to apply for Social Security Disability benefits.



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