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How can liver disease lead to disability?

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illness |

There are many, many different reasons that Alabama residents may end up eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. All kinds of injuries and illnesses can leave workers disabled and unable to work to earn an income. Liver disease, for example, is one common illness that can leave a person disabled.

How can liver disease lead to disability? Well, a person who suffers from liver disease can experience a wide range of symptoms from the disease, but chronic fatigue is the most likely of the possible symptoms to limit a person’s ability to work. Without the necessary energy to work in the capacity the person did before the liver disease occurred, working and earning an income may not be possible, even if the person attempts to change to a different job that requires less physical exertion.

People with liver disease may also experience swelling or pain in the abdominal area, which can limit a person’s ability to work. Nausea is also a common symptom of liver disease, as is swelling in the ankles or legs and a loss of appetite.

When Alabama residents apply for Social Security Disability benefits due to an illness, they will need to provide solid medical data to support the application, as well as evidence as to how the disease limits their ability to work and earn an income. Getting the initial application for SSD benefits correct is a person’s best shot at being approved to receive benefits and, therefore, avoid the time consuming appeals process.



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