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Will your spinal cord injury lead you permanently disabled?

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Firm News |

When a person experiences a traumatic injury, it has the potential to impact his or her ability to work. This is especially true for a spinal cord injury, which has the potential to completely alter a person’s life and leave him or her unable to work. If you suffered trauma to your spinal cord, it can mean that you will no longer be able to work and support your Alabama family.

It can be devastating to lose the ability to work and provide for your loved ones. You may also be dealing with significant changes to your physical capabilities, and you could be facing a lifetime of rehabilitation and difficulty. Another important factor during this time is seeking the financial support you need through a disability claim with the Social Security Administration. 

What type of injury do you have?

Some people suffer from spinal cord injuries and are eventually able to return to the same life they enjoyed before the accident. However, this may not be the case for you. This depends largely on which main type of spinal cord injury you have:

  • Complete spinal cord injury – This happens when the trauma is significant enough to sever the spinal cord completely. This leads to a loss of function of organs, bodily systems and limbs. The extent of damage depends on where on the spinal cord the injury is.
  • Incomplete spinal cord injury – This happens when there is only a partial severing of the spinal cord. This means the victim probably retains some function, but the extent of that depends on how bad the damage is to the cord.

When evaluating whether or not you may be eligible for disability benefits, the Social Security Administration will look at the nature of your injury and how long it will last. With many spinal cord injuries, the impact is permanent.

How can you get the help you need?

The intent of disability benefits is to provide support for those who are not able to hold gainful employment as a result of a serious illness or grave physical injury, such as a spinal cord injury.

If you believe you may be eligible for disability benefits through the SSA, you do not have to pursue this support on your own. This process often comes with setbacks and complications, and you may find it helpful to work with an experienced attorney as you pursue benefits.



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