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An “on the record” (OTR) decision is a favorable decision by an Administrative Law Judge that finds the Claimant to be entitled to Social Security benefits without having to go to a hearing. An Administrative Law Judge will issue an OTR decision after having reviewed the Claimant’s medical records and any other pertinent evidence and decided that a hearing was not necessary in order to grant a finding of disability. OTR decisions help expedite the process for Social Security disability benefits as those who receive one do not have to wait for a hearing.

Social Security has released information regarding the number of OTR decisions that were issued in the 2017 fiscal year. In 2017, SSA made 8,746 decisions on the record which was 3.6% of all Social Security Disability Insurance benefit claims. OTR decisions varied substantially across hearing office with the variations stemming from several different factors. These factors include different practices amongst hearing offices for tracking OTR cases, representatives in certain areas asking for more OTR decisions than others, and some hearing offices having more Claimants that can be approved on the record.

The Hattiesburg, Mississippi hearing office had 86 OTR decisions made in 2017. The Mobile, Alabama hearing office had 126 OTR decisions made in 2017. The Montgomery, Alabama hearing office had 123 OTR decisions made in 2017.

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