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Disability options for disabled individuals: part II

by | Nov 22, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

This blog recently discussed how disabled individuals can go about obtaining disability benefits. This blog will look a little more closely at the component parts of receiving benefits, such as the work history requirement, as they are important for disabled individuals to understand.

One of the requirements to be eligible for Social Security disability benefits, as discussed recently on this blog, is to have the necessary work history and work credits. Disabled individuals may wonder what that means. A total of four work credits can be earned per year and the disabled individual must accrue a baseline amount of credits which are calculated based on the disabled individual’s age when they became disabled. The number of work credits earned depends on the earnings amount and employment activity of the applicant.

The amount of benefits the disabled individual will receive depends on their average lifetime earnings which is why understanding work requirements is such an important part of the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits. Because there is a waiting period, and so many applications for disability benefits are denied, it is important to promptly apply for benefits. The application will be reviewed in the applicant’s state and, if approved, the disabled individual will begin receiving benefits. If they are denied, they will receive instructions on how they can appeal the decision.

Once the disabled individual has been approved for benefits, they will receive their disability benefits for as long as their medical condition prevents them from working. A continuing disability review will be performed by the Social Security Administration every three years. There are many details to know about applying for benefits and continuing to receive benefits once approved why is why disabled individuals should thoroughly understand the process of applying for benefits.



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