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What to expect from a Social Security disability benefits review

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

Social Security disability are oftentimes essential benefits to help disabled individuals with their everyday needs. When those benefits are being reviewed, it can create many understandable concerns for the disabled individual which is why they should be prepared for what to expect from the review process.

The Social Security Administration performs Continuing Disability Reviews so it is helpful to be familiar with the frequency and nature of the reviews and what the disabled individual should anticipate if they are subject to the review process. Eligibility for Social Security disability benefits is based on the disabled individual’s medical condition and work history. Because the disabled individual’s medical condition could change, a periodic review is required to ensure they are still medically eligible for benefits.

Social Security disability reviews are conducted either by mailer or through a full medical review. The Social Security Administration identifies circumstances when the disabled individual has a low likelihood of demonstrating medical improvement. In those cases, the disabled individual will be sent a mailer asking them questions about their medical condition and requesting additional information about their medical condition. If the Social Security Administration determines there has been medical improvement, they may require a full medical review. In some circumstances, a full medical review may be requested instead of a mailer.

A full medical review requires a new determination of disability which is a more costly and lengthy process. Many disabled individuals rely on their Social Security disability benefits which makes it important for them to understand how the process works when their disability benefits are being reviewed.



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