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Help for veterans with disability benefits

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Veterans' Issues |

Both veterans who suffer from a disability because of an injury or disease and their family members may be able to receive disability and other benefits through the VA. For veterans to receive the compensation and benefits that they need, they should be familiar with the options to help them obtain benefits and address whatever veterans’ issues as they arise.

When a claim for benefits has been made, it is important for veterans to understand how to apply for benefits but also how to appeal a claim for benefits. Veterans have benefits they have earned through their service and their family members may also have benefits available to them but it is essential to know how to apply for the benefits and what those benefits may be.

Benefits that may be available can include those for a service-connected disability; a pension that is not connected to their service; Dependency and Indemnity Compensation that may be payable to surviving spouses, children and dependent parents when there has been a service-connected death; Total Disability Individual Unemployability; and re-opening claims for service connected or increased disability ratings.

There are time limits associated with appeals it is necessary to be familiar with to ensure the receipt of benefits. Veterans may face many challenges following their service which is why they should be familiar with the resources available to them after their service to our country and how to avail themselves of those resources when they or their family members are most in need of them.



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