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Retirement age for SSD benefits, regular Social Security differs

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries |

As Alabama residents, family members and friends begin to approach retirement age, we start to think more about retirement benefits and financial options. For those who are not suffering from a debilitating injury or illness, Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are not usually on their mind. However, if one does have an injury that makes it difficult or impossible to work, Social Security Disability Benefits for injuries should be on their radar.

This is because retirement age, or the age in which a person is able to receive the maximum benefit, differs between the different Social Security benefits. For Social Security benefits for retirement age, the well-known retirement age is 65.

However, for Social Security Disability benefits, the retirement age is actually 62. This is three years sooner than regular Social Security benefits for full retirement age.

Social Security programs can provide benefits to people of nearly all ages, but often it is when one reaches retirement age that the different Social Security benefits can have the most impact on both current and future income. When a person reaches this age, they may not know which benefit to claim when thinking about retiring and their health condition. If it is a question of a disability and being unable to work, it may make sense to reach for Social Security Disability benefits, as full benefit age is 3 years earlier.

Three years is a significant amount of time. It does not mean that one could not apply for regular Social Security benefits in the future. It just means that for time being, Social Security Disability benefits may be the focus. For older applicants, Social Security Disability benefits are generally easier to apply for younger applicants.



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