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Why apply for SSD benefits after suffering back injury?

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries |

When a person in Alabama is young, they are often able to put their body through the wringer without much after thought. A broken arm was a bummer for the summer, not a permanent change in lifestyle. But when an older person suffers a lifelong injury, it can have a resounding impact. Serious injuries, like back injuries, can completely change a person’s abilities and quality of life.

A person can injure their back in any number of ways. The defining factor that has the biggest impact is often an injury to the spinal column or spinal nerves. It can be very difficult to repair or heal these types of injuries, and they are known to give the injured trouble for years to come. Even the most standard movements like walking or bending over can give the back injury sufferer great pain.

If one is suffering from a back injury for a year or more, it very easily could be impeding one’s ability to procure or keep work. This prevents a person from earning a living wage. At Gardberg & Kemmerly PC Attorneys at Law, we have seen how these injuries impact those in our Mobile community firsthand. Applying for Social Security Disability benefits for injuries is a way to help offset the impact that a serious injury, like a back injury, has on the injured person and their family.

When hearing it that way, it may appear to be a no-brainer to begin the SSD benefits application process. However, there will be a few steps along the way before a person is granted the benefits they need. Qualifications will need to be met, and one may even need to stand before a judge. Medical records can help in getting the correct answers to application questions as can a person’s ability to recall the details of their injury. Therefore, a person seeking SSD benefits may want to do so with the help of an attorney, both during the application process and through an appeal if necessary.



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