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Disability benefits for people with serious vision problems

by | Mar 23, 2018 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illness |

Like people who suffer other serious handicaps, Mobile, Alabama, residents who are blind have to deal with a lot of special challenges. A typical person with good eyesight likely takes for granted all of the opportunities that they enjoy, and risks they are able to avoid, simply because they can see.

If an Alabama resident has less than 20/200 vision or has less than a 20-degree field of vision in the better of the person’s eyes, then he or she is eligible to receive Social Security benefits. The applicant for benefits will have to prove that his or her blindness either already has lasted for one year or is reasonably expected to last that long. The condition cannot be correctable with contacts or glasses.

A person can also get benefits if he or she has serious vision problems but does not meet the definition of someone who is legally blind. However, the person will have to demonstrate how his or her condition prevents him or her from working, even with proper workplace accommodations.

Fortunately, someone who is not legally bind but has severe vision problems can also point to other medical conditions that make him or her disabled, as the Social Security Administration considers one’s overall medical condition when deciding whether or not a person is capable of returning to work.

Those who suffer from blindness enjoy some special benefits under the Social Security program. For example, someone who is blind may have the option of earning some modest monthly income without having to worry about losing their benefits.

Someone who is blind may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits for their illness. They should consider speaking with a qualified Social Security attorney should they have any questions or wish to explore their options further.



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