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Alabama House passes bill aimed at helping veterans

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Veterans' Issues |

Alabama’s military veterans and their families have made countless sacrifices to serve our great nation. It is only right that their home state and country support them in their journey to return to civilian life. The truth is that many veterans struggle with drug abuse. Some of this drug abuse is linked to past trauma and pain brought on by military service.

Aiming to help the veterans struggling with drug addiction is the Alabama House of Representatives, which passed new legislation last month. The bill, SB-200, will give funding to allow the Department of Veterans Affairs to share prescription information with non-military doctors. This will allow the veil of privacy to be lifted, so that those who are abusing prescription drugs can be recognized and get the help they need. So many veterans struggle with drug abuse that they need help with this and other veterans’ issues.

Veterans should be granted access to top quality care, not the other way around. Treating drug addiction is a real concern for many Alabama veterans and their families. Getting to the root of the problem, like post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from their time on active duty, can help to ease a veteran’s suffering.

Other veterans struggle with physical pain, like chronic pain, related to injury. Lost limbs and other seriously traumatic injuries are often seen during times of active duty. The pain associated with these injuries can easily spark drug addiction. Therefore, it is important to help veterans and their families and get them back to physical, mental and emotional wellness.

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