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In order to reach full retirement age with Social Security it varies depending on the year you was born. Turning 65 does not guarantee full retirement benefits any longer. Individuals born between 1954 to1959 will reach full retirement age at 66 years old. If you decide to draw early retirement you are drawing about 70.8-75% of the monthly benefit at age 62 and at age 65 you are drawing 87.8-93.3% of the monthly benefit. This depends on which year you were born.

Individuals born after 1960 to the present date, full retirement age is not till age 67. If you decide to draw early retirement you will draw about 70% of the monthly benefit amount at age 62, and about 86.7% of the monthly benefit amount at age 65.

Of course, waiting till your full retirement age guarantees you to draw the full 100% of your possible monthly benefit. Drawing early retirement limits that percentage for the rest of your life. This amount will not go up once you reach full retirement age. However, if you are disabled prior to your full retirement age, you can file for disability and draw that 100% for the rest of your life. This applies even if you have started drawing early retirement.

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