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Veterans often require long term medical care, SSD benefits

by | Nov 25, 2017 | Veterans' Issues |

When it comes to Mobile citizens that have sacrificed much for their country and their community, few top the list like military veterans. In whatever capacity a veteran served our country, they should know we are grateful for their service. While their veteran status may grant them access to veteran benefits, those benefits often will not cover everything they need. That’s where Social Security disability benefits come into play.

In addition to the benefits allotted to honorably changed military veterans, they may have suffered injuries that make it difficult for them to achieve or maintain gainful employment. The injury could be physical, mental or emotional and could affect a veteran’s ability to work in a multitude of ways. In many instances, veterans may be eligible to receive SSD benefits in addition to their service-related benefits. This can be the difference between affording living expenses or not.

It’s hard to make ends meet when you aren’t able to procure a wage. Even with veterans benefits, life is expensive and requires financial support in order to make it go right. At Gardberg & Kemmerly PC Attorneys at Law, we understand what that struggle looks like for many of our clients, who also happen to be veterans. Their military or otherwise induced injury can make like incredibly tough. Make it easier on yourself or a loved one by seeking SSD benefits.

For many, the process of requesting SSD benefits is worth the effort and time. The reward of being granted SSD benefits is the end goal for those struggling with veterans’ issues. These benefits can be stacked with other benefits the veteran may receive in conjunction with their military service. Injury or illness is a big factor in determining SSD benefits.


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