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What is the difference between SSDI and private insurance?

by | Oct 20, 2017 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries |

If you or a loved one has performed many years of hard-work, only to be slighted by an unexpected injury, you may be wondering what your options are. Years of work can take its toll on the body, or an unexpected injury can change the course of life for a person and their family in an instant. While taking care of yourself and thinking about your health is always the number one priority, those who have suffered an injury may wonder about how to proceed. Especially if an injury renders a person unable to perform the work they were once easily able to do.

There are two means by which a person could attempt to seek financial support if they are unable to work. One is Social Security Disability insurance, or SSDI, which covers approximately 150 million workers, with over 8 million individuals currently collecting benefits. Anyone who has worked a sufficient amount of time while contributing to Social Security is covered by SSDI. The specifics of SSDI are determined by the SSA and are subject to several factors to help those who need Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries.

For those that qualify, benefits are paid monthly, with the average disabled worker receiving $1,148 a month, or $13,776 a year. While this may pale in comparison to the wage one used to earn prior to injury, it may be just one piece of the puzzle when looking to finance one’s life after a injury leads to disability. Another place to look for financial help is private insurance, which may be taken out personally, or may be a benefit provided by a current or previous employer. It is possible to claim both forms of income simultaneously for those that qualify.

Understanding that things may be different of yourself, your family or a loved one after injury is a tough pill to swallow. The only thing a person can do is be proactive and move in a positive direction after debilitating injury. Millions of workers become disabled at some point in their lives and will need some sort of financial support to survive. Understanding how to seek and manage these potential sources of income may be new territory for many.

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