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Aid and Attendance Benefits for Veterans

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Veterans Disability Benefits |

Aid and Attendance Benefits for Veterans

The Veterans Administration offers Aid and Attendance (A&A) as part of an “Improved Pension” benefit that is largely unknown. This Improved Pension allows veterans and spouses of veterans who require the regular attendance of another person to assist in bathing, eating, dressing, undressing, medication dosing, or using the restroom to receive additional monetary benefits. It also includes those who are blind or a patient in a nursing home because of mental or physical incapacity. Assisted living facility care also qualifies.

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding A&A is that the need for the additional benefits must be due to service connected disabilities, but this is not the case with A&A. A&A can be received by veterans and their spouses for circumstances and needs not related to a service connected disability. A&A can help pay for care in the home, nursing home or assisted living facility. A veteran is eligible for up to $1,794 per month, while a surviving spouse is eligible for up to $1,153 per month. A veteran with a spouse is eligible for up to $2,127 per month and a veteran with a sick spouse is eligible for up to $1,410 per month.

In order to qualify for A&A a Veteran and/or their spouse must meet one of the following conditions:

  • You require the aid of another person in order to perform personal functions required in everyday living, such as bathing, feeding, dressing, attending to the wants of nature, adjusting prosthetic devices, or protecting yourself from the hazards of your daily environment.
  • You are bedridden, in that your disability or disabilities requires that you remain in bed apart from any prescribed course of convalescence or treatment.
  • You are a patient in a nursing home due to mental or physical incapacity.
  • Your eyesight is limited to a corrected 5/200 visual acuity or less in both eyes; or concentric contraction of the visual field to 5 degrees or less.

There are also two other versions of A&A referred to as “Basic” and “Housebound.” Housebound benefits may be added to a veteran’s monthly pension when they are substantially confined to your immediate premises because of permanent disability. The Improved Pension is not a new benefit, and has in fact been an entitlement for 61 years sitting idle while millions have and still are missing out on.

For more important information regarding Aid and Attendance for please visit VeteranAid is an organization with the mission of educating our veterans and their families about a little known VA pension benefit referred to as “Aid and Attendance” that can help offset the costs of care for senior veterans and their widows.

If you have questions about VeteranAid, Aid and Attendance, or any question related to VA benefits, please contact the experienced Veterans’ disability attorneys at Gardberg & Kemmerly, P.C. today for a free case evaluation. Gardberg & Kemmerly serves Veterans across the United States from their home office in Mobile, Alabama.



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