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War-related injuries may qualify veterans for disability

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Veterans' Issues |

There are many opportunities and benefits for those who serve our country’s military in the short and long-term. Of course, the pride one has for their country is one of the best aspects of military service. For those in Alabama and nationwide who were honorably discharged, there are many other benefits for military service members. This is especially true for those who have unfortunately suffered an injury during their time in the military.

Keep in mind, eligibility criteria can qualify or disqualify any veteran from certain benefits. However, some veterans may qualify for certain veterans benefits. Monthly financial benefits may be available for those who suffered a disability due to an injury incurred while serving their country. Disability is judged on its own set of criteria, and in some cases may be compounded if a disability is considered to be severe.

Beyond military benefits, one could receive other types of federally regulated disability like Social Security disability benefits in addition to military disability benefits. This is determined on a case-by-case basis that is dependent on the person. Healthcare has recently been a hot topic for veterans in the news. One important benefit is that most veterans have access to healthcare. This can be helpful, but it won’t be enough if a veteran has a hard time keeping or finding a job due to a physical or mental disability sustained during military service.

There is a way for veterans and Social Security disability to come together, especially for those veterans who qualify for the benefits they so desperately need. It can help qualified veterans afford everyday expenses like housing, food and education. In the end, it can be the difference between living a full life or merely surviving.

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