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Is diabetes grounds for a disability benefits claim?

by | Jul 27, 2017 | Social Security Disability |

When a medical condition prevents you from holding gainful employment, it is much more than an inconvenience. This can have a serious financial impact on your life, accumulating in a significant amount of stress and hardship for your Mobile family. Some individuals with serious cases of diabetes may find themselves in this situation, yet may still be unclear regarding their potential options.

If you are unable to work due to your diabetes, you could have a rightful claim to Social Security Disability benefits. Diabetes can certainly be a disabling condition, but that does not mean that everyone who has this disease will be able to secure financial support. Before you embark on the application process, you would be wise to seek a full understanding of your rights.

Is diabetes really a disability?

Despite the fact that many people struggle with this disease, others may have a hard time understanding that invisible illnesses can be just as disabling as physical injuries or deformities. However, diabetes is often considered to be a disability, even though it is not always possible to visibly see the ramifications of this illness.

While most people with diabetes are able to live, work and function with some degree of normalcy, it can sometimes have a serious impact on a person’s ability to enjoy a quality of life. Often, symptoms can change rapidly and unexpectedly, even when typically well managed.

Who qualifies for disability benefits?

You may be unsure if you are eligible for disability benefits, even with a condition such as diabetes. To obtain financial support from the Social Security Administration, a disability benefits applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have qualifying medical condition
  • Must have financial need

If you believe that you are medically qualified and could have a rightful claim to benefits, you do not have to navigate the application process without support.

Fighting for the benefits you deserve

Unfortunately, it can be rather complicated to secure SSDI benefits. From complications with the application process to receiving a denied claim, you may find it useful to obtain professional guidance when navigating this process. If you have diabetes, your financial security could be at stake.

You may be unable to work because of a medical condition, but you are not out of legal options. Instead of making assumptions about your eligibility or giving up after a denied claim, you would be wise to apprise yourself of your rights and legal options.



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