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Beware of Social Security Phishing Scams

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Social Security Disability |

Beware of Social Security Phishing Scams

Identity theft is major concern for everyone these days. The Acting Inspector General of Social Security is reporting that SSA has received calls from people across the country reporting that they were contacted by persons claiming to be Office of the Inspector General investigators. These callers would tell people that there was an issue regarding the person’s Social Security Account and ask them to call a non-SSA telephone number to talk about it.

In particular, these messages would direct the person to call 806-680-2373 to address issues. They would also warn people that their account and/or benefits would be suspended until the issue was resolved. People should avoid calling this number, as it will connect them with an unknown person who may ask for personal information.

Remember that although the Office of the Inspector General may contact people by phone, they will never ask for sensitive personal information over the phone. If someone claiming to be an investigator with OIG calls you and requests personal information or asks suspicious questions, you may report the call to the OIG at 800-332-1529 or online via

We entrust our most sensitive information to the Social Security Administration – whether it be for disability benefits, survivor’s benefits, or retirement benefits. That someone is abusing this trust for identity theft is the worst betrayal. Stay on guard about these phishing scams and never give out your sensitive personal information unless you are very confident that the source requesting the information is the correct part.

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