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Tips for Applying for Disability Online

There are a few ways you can apply for Social Security Disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income. One way that is becoming increasingly popular is filing online. Notably, you can only file for Disability Insurance Benefits online. You CANNOT file for SSI online.

My previous post explores the pros and cons of filing your disability claim online versus other methods. Here are some tips and tricks if filing online is the route you decide to go:

1. Have all of your information handy before you start the application.

This is helpful for a few reasons. The online application process can be tedious even for the well-prepared. Having all of your information ready to go before you start can make the process more seamless. Check SSA’s website for a list of information you will need to complete the application.

2. Save copies of all the paperwork you submit and any correspondence SSA sends you.

After you file your application, Social Security will provide confirmation of your application. Always keep copies of this information. It’s the only proof you have that you filed the application. In the event that Social Security fails to process your application properly, you will want to have the information available to provide proof that you filed and to preserve your filing date.

3. File for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

As mentioned above, you cannot file for SSI online. However, during the course of applying online, there will be a question about whether you wish to file for SSI. There may be an option to check a box if you do not wish to file for SSI. DO NOT CHECK THE BOX! If you indicate to Social Security that you do not wish to file for SSI, they will not contact you to gather information about whether you meet the means test for SSI.

I often see people who have filed online for disability and have accidentally told SSA that they do not wish to file for SSI. These people sometimes miss out on valuable benefits they should be receiving, including Medicaid. Don’t let that happen to you just because you accidentally check the wrong box!

If you are unable to work and are fighting for your Social Security disability benefits, contact one of our experienced disability attorneys today. Gardberg & Kemmerly has been representing Social Security disability claimants throughout the Gulf Coast in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana for over 30 years.



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