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Expediting Appeals Council Claims When You Reach Age 55

by | Aug 4, 2016 | Social Security Disability |

Expediting Appeals Council Claims When You Reach Age 55

A Social Security claim may be appealed to the Appeals Council if that claim is denied by the Administrative Law Judge. Once a claim is appealed to the Appeals Council, it may take anywhere from twelve to twenty-four months to receive a decision. However, there are now twenty-one categories which will expedite a claim at the Appeals Council level if new evidence is added to the file. One of the categories that can expedite a claim is reaching age 55.

The Appeals Council will keep a log of a claimant’s birthday, so nothing new will need to be submitted upon reaching age 55. If you have already filed your appeal, once you reach the age of 55, your claim should move forward more quickly in with the Appeals Council. However, if you are 55 upon filing your appeal to the Appeals Council, that will not expedite the claim.

A claimant who turns 55 while waiting for a decision from the Appeals Council should not have to wait up to twenty-four months to receive their decision. Hopefully, with this new process, claimants will have a more timely response to their claim.

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