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Social Security Disability Benefits and the Initial Application

by | Sep 2, 2014 | Social Security Disability |

When you file for Social Security Disability benefits you will be asked several questions about your work history, medical problems, and functional limitations. These questions should be taken as seriously as the questions you may face before an Administrative Law Judge because, in the event that your claim requires a hearing before an ALJ, the ALJ will have access to your responses from the initial application.

Some of the most important questions will pertain to your prior work and what your body allows you to do. On these questions, it is extremely important to be as accurate as you can. With regard to prior work, you need to specifically identify the tasks and responsibilities that you were required to perform along with the amount of time you spent standing, walking, and sitting during your typical day on the job.

Similar questions will be asked about your activities of daily living. Again, it is imperative to be as accurate as you can. If you are unable to mop or sweep, say so. If you are able to do those items, identify how long you can accomplish them before you are forced to break or rest. These questions will help shape your claim and your arguments before the Administrative Law Judge.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your claim or, if you already have a hearing set before an ALJ, please call the Mobile, Alabama law firm of Gardberg & Kemmerly for a free review of your disability claim.



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