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Quick Tips for Hurricane Season

by | Aug 11, 2014 | In The Community |

It is that time of year again along the Gulf Coast. Throughout our collection of communities, from New Orleans, Louisiana, through Pensacola, Florida, our family and friends at Gardberg & Kemmerly have begun to pay significant attention to the Atlantic Hurricane Season. We have previously posted several tips and quick links for the people in areas who could be impacted by a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. The link can be found at

However, there are often small things that are overlooked during the preparation phase for a hurricane. We wanted to take some time and go through some preparation highlights below:

· Outline an evacuation route with several available alternatives.

· Fill-up the family vehicles with gas.

· Properly store emergency supplies (including a spare tire) in the trunk.

· Place your auto and home insurance documents, vehicle registration, title, and other important documents in a waterproof bag and keep them with you.

· Keep your cell phone charged and keep a charger nearby.

· If you are instructed to evacuate, DO NOT WAIT!

· Pack enough food and water for your pets!

As any hurricane approaches, be alert and try to be proactive. The key to surviving the storm is to be smart and stay safe. Following the tips listed above and those listed in our prior blog, you can keep yourself and family out of danger.



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